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Redwood Motorsports Front Control Arms Camber/Caster Adjustable - Model 3

Redwood Motorsports


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Redwood Motorsports is proud to present our exclusive Adjustable Front Camber and Caster Control Arms - featuring Aurora Bearings motorsports grade Teflon lined bearings.  These fully adjustable front control arms directly replace the non-adjustable factory upper arm, allowing you to dial in custom camber and caster settings to maximize your Model 3's cornering abilities and performance. By adjusting both turnbuckles equally in the same direction camber is adjusted without affecting caster.  By adjusting turnbuckles in an equal and opposite amount, caster is adjusted independently from camber.  


  • Redwood Motorsports Aerospace Grade 6061 Billet Aluminum Body
  • Redwood Motorsports Hardened and Nickel-Plated Custom Turnbuckles and Adjustment Hardware
  • Aurora Bearings™ - High-Offset Teflon Lined Durable Motorsports Grade Bearings (built to last on track and street)
  • Maximum Alignment Adjustability
  • Ultra-Light Aluminum Assembly
  • MADE IN THE USA! (In Fremont, California)  

*Pictured as full front and rear kit with optional rear control arms, the Front-only Camber/Caster control arm come with one left and right assembly.  Rear arms may be added additionally.