FPSpec Tesla Model 3/Y Rubber Bushing Tophats for Ohlins

Redwood Motorsports


Your stock tophats belong on your stock suspension!  Grab a set of our Redwood Motorsports Rubber Bushing top hats and leave the stock hats and NVH behind!  These allow the Redwood Motorsports designed GT or Performance Sport Ohlins kits, Ohlins Sweden designed Road and Track, and Street Tuned kits.  These are the same top hats as our spherical bearing version, but with a rubber bushing for low noise and low NVH (even better than factory top hats!) and prevent you from needing to disassemble your stock suspension as it comes out of the car, for a simple and seamless install!  Due to the design, bump stop limiter kits are NOT required for our top hat kits as there is no plastic upper retainer to fail (like the OEM Tesla top hats).

For Ohlins R/T and Street Tuned kits you will need to add our optional rear cup assembly (this will replace the entire cup adapter portion on the rear of the standard Ohlins kits.  If purchased with a Redwood Designed Long Stroke kit (GT / Perf. Sport) they will ship assembled and with the correct cups already installed.