Model 3/Y Ohlins DFV Long-Stroke "Damper Only" Upgrade Kit - Engineered by FPSpec for Redwood Motorsports

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Introducing the Redwood Motorsports exclusive Öhlins DFV "Long-Stroke GT (Grand Touring) Damper Only Upgrade Kit!"  This kit has been purpose-built by Redwood Motorsports to massively improve overall ride quality and allow your Tesla to glide over bumps, dips, and broken pavement by replacing your factory shocks with  our custom tuned dampers.  Our damper-only kit is a simplified version of our coilovers, which includes a spring adapter perch to retain your factory springs (AWD,RWD,Performance, or even aftermarket lowering springs!).  For customers looking to maintain their stock ride height, this kit pairs our industry leading shock sets from our coilover kits, with the ability to run factory springs at factory ride height.  Everything you need if you are looking to maintain stock ride height while improving the ride quality and handling of your Tesla.  

Tailor the feel of your Tesla suspension by turning the adjustable knob on our shocks to significantly soften the handling and glide over bumps in luxury, or increase the firmness to corner with more precision, predictability, and grip than stock!  Our Damper-Only kits are a fresh take on coilovers, for those not wanting to change ride height, with a few benefits:   Same hardware as our current Ohlins GT kits, but with an added billet stock-spring-adapter, for a reduced cost to improve your suspension.  No need for additional labor for adjustment, simply install the shocks as factory, reusing stock springs (or aftermarket lowering springs), factory top hats, and factory spring rubber isolators.  Reduced install time / costs.... for the rear, only the shock itself needs to be removed, this reduces total labor to swap the suspension, and a simple spring and top hat swap in front onto the pre-set spring adapter means no height adjustments required, and further labor/time reduced.  As these are the same exact dampers used in our Ohlins coilover kits, they can also be upgraded to full coilovers at a later date, should you choose to want to move to a full coilover setup, change spring rates, etc.

The custom valving curve that we have developed for this damper upgrade kit, as well as our Redwood Ohlins DFV Long-Stroke "Grand Touring" Coilover Kit  is so comfortable we've internally nicknamed it the "Cloud Spec" valving.  

During the install of the "Damper Only" Upgrade Kit your front springs, as well as front and rear tophats, will be transferred from your existing factory suspension components.  Your factory rear springs do not need to be adjusted and will remain in place, which will decrease the labor cost to install the suspension as well as making the install much quicker. 

Our Grand Touring Damper Upgrade Kit will also come pre-set so no need for your installer to adjust heights or collars, simply install and align!  A great and affordable option for those looking to maintain stock ride height of their Tesla Model 3/Y, while improving the damper to maximize ride quality and or handling with our industry leading adjustable dampers! 

Built from the ground up, we have partnered with Öhlins Suspension - the world's foremost leader in damper technology - to pioneer the gold standard of suspension options for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.  Found on hyper-cars from Koenigsegg to Pagani, to Volvo/Polestar, Öhlins dampers represent the pinnacle of modern OEM level suspension technology.  Öhlins DFV dampers blend the best in ride quality and handling for THE ultimate upgrade for your Tesla, with the added benefit of adjustability to tune your dampers to suit your driving style, use case, and comfort level requirements!  The best of both worlds, a supple ride with the compliance and comfort required for street use, all while maintaining great handling characteristics!  The Redwood Öhlins Grand Touring shocks truly are the Swiss Army Knife of suspension.   

Designing a shock dedicated for either street use or performance use is relatively simple. However, creating a single damper that is effective in both arenas is significantly more challenging from an engineering perspective.  Öhlins' exclusive patented Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology, along with precision machining, internal seals, and Öhlins buttery smooth 1304 shock oil yields an ultra-low hysteresis shock which can dampen bumps over fractions of a millimeter.  For the end-user, the result is a suspension that provides fantastic grip in the corners, with a supple ride quality on the street.  Those who have driven on this setup have commented that the Redwood Motorsports Ohlins kit is surprisingly more comfortable than stock, yet one of the highest grip/performing suspension setups they've driven. Truly the best of both worlds! 

A full year in development and testing with top motorsports manufacturers has paid off with what we believe is the gold standard that other shocks will be measured against.  Not only the highest performing suspension damper available for the Tesla Model 3/Y, but with the most supple ride quality - hands down.   We know it's not the cheapest option, but we have benchmarked this damper against every other shock on the market and have found it to have the highest compliance and ride quality available, hands down.  In the realm of suspension, you truly do get what you pay for.


  • Öhlins DFV Long-Stroke Dampers - Custom Tuned by FPSpec for Redwood Motorsports with our exclusive "Cloud-Spec" Valving
  • Upgradable to a Full Coilover Kit at a Later Date if Desired!
  • Redwood Motorsports Gold Anodized 6061 Aluminum Hardware
  • Redwood Motorsports Newly Updated Fully Forged 6061 Aluminum Front Forks (Stronger AND Lighter)
  • 32 Clicks Damping Adjustment Front and Rear (compression + rebound) 
  • Maintains Stock Ride Height for the Best Ride Quality Possible! (AWD/RWD/Performance Models)
  • Pre-Set for Quick and Easy Installation, and Allowing Rear Spring to Remain in Place (Reducing Install Time, and Labor Costs)
  • Ultra-Light Shock Assemblies (shed significant unsprung weight with mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum shock bodies)
  • Öhlins Patented Dual Flow Valve (DFV) Technology
  • Öhlins Temperature Correction Valve
  • Öhlins 1304 Race Oil (For that buttery smooth ride)
  • World Class Redwood Motorsports Engineering and Damper Tuning
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - 2 Years Unlimited Miles
  • MADE IN THE USA! (In Fremont, California)   
    (*Aside from Ohlins damper bodies) 
  • Can Be Quickly Serviced Here at our Öhlins Authorized Valving Lab and Service Facility in the Future if Needed.

Additional Technical Details: 

The precise control of the Öhlins DFV dampers are both due to the patented Dual Flow Valve pistons, as well as the high attention to detail and component tolerances, typically found on much higher-end motorsport dampers.  The end result is a damper that has the ability to optimally track the movement of the road surface, increasing tire contact patch and therefore total available grip. 

Öhlins patented Dual Flow Valve piston contains center and side exit oil flow paths, which allows for separate control of low-speed, high-speed, and ultra-high-speed damping.  The DFV has the unique ability to remain firm when it needs to (for body control movement), reduce damping force (for bump control), and significantly bleed-off damping force under high linear accelerations (to absorb abrupt and sharp impacts) instead of transferring them to the chassis.  This makes the Öhlins DFV unsurpassed on both the track and street, as berms, mid-corner bumps, and other surface irregularities can be soaked up on track, as opposed to upsetting the chassis.   

The same ultra-high-speed damping force is helpful on the street, as a firm-but-supple ride can be maintained for optimal body-control handling, while potholes and large impacts are readily absorbed during day to day driving.  

An additional feature of the DFV is its internal temperature correction needle-valve, which meters the flow of shock oil to compensate for changing oil viscosity, based on shock temperature.  This needle valve closes for cold temperatures where the shock oil is thicker, and opens to compensate for thinner oil viscosity when the shock becomes hot - resulting in absolutely consistent performance in all circumstances despite the internal temperature of the damper!

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