Model 3/Y FPX Long-Stroke "Damper Only" Upgrade Kit - Engineered by FPSpec for Redwood Motorsports

Redwood Motorsports


Introducing the Redwood Motorsports exclusive FPX "Long-Stroke GT (Grand Touring) Damper Only Upgrade Kit!"  This kit has been purpose-built by FPSpec for Redwood Motorsports to massively improve overall ride quality, while retaining the simplicity of using your factory springs (whether you have a standard, performance model, or even lowering springs!). This will maintain your vehicle's stock ride height from the factory! 

The custom valving curve that we have developed for this damper upgrade kit, as well as our Redwood FPX Long-Stroke "Grand Touring" Coilover Kit  is so comfortable we've internally nicknamed our "Cloud Spec" valving philosophy.  Developed through years of tuning custom dampers in our lab for Teslas, we believe this to be the best ride quality offering for the Tesla, only second to our flagship Ohlins Grand Touring Long Stroke kit.

During the install of the "Damper Only" Upgrade Kit your front springs, as well as front and rear tophats, will be transferred from your existing factory suspension components.  Your factory rear springs do not need to be adjusted and will remain in place, which will decrease the labor cost to install the suspension as well as making the install much quicker. 

Our Grand Touring Damper Upgrade Kit will also come pre-set so no need for your installer to adjust heights or collars, simply install and align!  A great and affordable option for those looking to maintain stock ride height of their Tesla Model 3, while improving the damper to maximize ride quality!  Fully adjustable from pillow-y soft, to firm ride quality! 



  • FPSpec FPX Long-Stroke Dampers - Custom Tuned for Redwood Motorsports with our exclusive "Cloud-Spec" Valving
  • Upgradable to a Full Coilover Kit at a Later Date if Desired!
  • 6061 Aluminum Hard Anodized Upper and Lower Mounts - Same as used in our FP Spec kits!  
  • 6061 Aluminum Hard Anodized Spring Perches, Lock Rings, and Adapters
  • “CloudSpec” or “Performance” Valving Curves - Hand valved and dynoed in Fremont, CA
  • Redwood Motorsports Newly Updated Fully Forged 6061 Aluminum Front Forks (Stronger AND Lighter)
  • 22 Clicks Damping Adjustment Front and Rear (compression + rebound) 
  • World Class Redwood Motorsports Engineering and Damper Tuning
  • Signature FPX Red Springs - Swift Springs optional
  • Dual Digressive Valving
  • Custom Designed 7075 Aluminum Pistons
  • Optimized Valving Ports - Radialized Ports Reduce Fluid Cavitation at high speed
  • Amsoil High Temp Shock Oil
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - 2 Years Unlimited Miles
  • MADE IN THE USA! (In Fremont, California)   
  • Can Be Quickly Serviced Here at our in-house Valving Lab and Service Facility in the Future if Needed.


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