Redwood Motorsports Spherical Bearing Rear Control Arms Camber/Toe Adjustment - Model 3 / Y

Redwood Motorsports

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Redwood Motorsports is proud to present our exclusive Adjustable Rear Camber and Toe Arms - featuring Aurora Bearings motorsports grade Teflon lined bearings.  These adjustable control arms replace the non-adjustable factory arms,  allowing you to dial in custom camber and toe settings to maximize your Model 3's rear alignment and cornering abilities.

Whether you would like to return your lowered Model 3 back to factory alignment specifications for better tire wear, or increase your car's handling ability with increased camber and toe adjustments these arms are for you.  Made from one-piece lathed and milled 6061 billet aluminum end mounts, anodized in Redwood Motorsports Gold, our feather-light and high strength arms are designed for long service life and ease of adjustment.  The hardened and nickel-plated steel turnbuckles allow an extremely wide range of adjustment and are impervious to moisture, salt, road grime, etc. and were designed to last the long haul!  Using the highest-quality and highest-load rating Teflon-Lined Aurora brand bearings, they can be easily serviced if ever needed, but maintain the longest service interval possible for a spherical bearing. 


  • Redwood Motorsports Aerospace Grade Lathed then Milled 6061 Billet Aluminum Bodies
  • Redwood Motorsports Hardened and Nickel-Plated Custom Turnbuckles and Adjustment Hardware
  • Aurora Bearings™ - Teflon Lined Durable Motorsports-Grade Bearings (built to last on track and street)
  • Maximum Alignment Adjustability for Rear Toe and Camber
  • Ultra-Light Aluminum Assemblies
  • MADE IN THE USA! (In Fremont, California)