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Redwood Motorsports Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Model 3 / Y

Redwood Motorsports


Get the most out of your Model 3's brake system by replacing your OEM rubber brake lines, with a custom-engineered DOT approved stainless steel performance brake line set, from Redwood Motorsports!

When pedal pressure is applied during braking, pressure in the hydraulic lines easily exceed 1000psi.  This extreme pressure causes rubber OEM lines to expand and swell outward, instead of transferring all of the braking pressure to the caliper.  This gives the brake pedal a "spongy" feel.  Our performance stainless steel braided, Teflon lines are the ideal replacement for the OEM rubber version, as the Teflon inner tube and stainless steel outer wrap prevents swelling in the line, transferring 100% of your brake pedal force to the brake caliper.  A firmer and more direct pedal is the result of a quality stainless steel wrapped brake line set.

Many aftermarket brake lines use bare stainless lines, which allows dirt and debris to become embedded in the lines and degrade them over time. Our lines come with a smoke gray or red protective outer sheathing, to prevent premature wear. Not to mention the protective coating keeps the lines looking clean! 



  • OEM fit - Designed by Redwood Motorsports
  • Fits all Model 3 variants - including Performance Model 3
  • Stainless wrapped teflon lines
  • DOT approved and pressure tested 
  • Protective outer PVC coating
  • Strain relief included
  • Contructed from the highest quality fittings and line
  • Includes new banjo bolts and crush washers
  • Made in the USA!